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Facilities & Equipment

Camp Jojo is a place where ‘everybody can’. We understand that to make this possible, some of our campers will need specialist equipment and facilities.

Camp Jojo provides each family with a tent (or two), plus sleeping bags, camping mats or camp beds.

For those that need it, hoists, medical profiling beds, an accessible bathroom and all terrain buggies can also be provided. Electricity can also be supplied to the tent if needed for essential medical equipment, such as ventilators, feeding pumps, suction machines etc.


Families will be asked to select which equipment is essential for their stay at Camp Jojo on their application form. They will also have a chance to chat to the operations manager before the camp, to ensure that we have fully understood and have everything that your family requires.


On-site Equipment

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

We now have two wheelchair accessible bathroom options. One permanent bathroom, with ceiling track hoist and height adjustable shower bench, as shown in the photo here. Plus our very own Mobiloo, which also has ceiling track hoist and height adjustable shower bench.


Our hoisted tents are equipped with a gantry hoist able to move the full length of the tent. These hoists have been made specifically for our tents and allow families to hoist children using the full space.


Camp Jojo has 3 single profiling beds and mattresses available for families to use. We use grade 4 pressure relieving supports on our mattresses to ensure children are kept warm when camping. We also have a safety sleeper bed. If you have requested a profiling bed, this will be already set up in your tent when you arrive. 

All-Terrain Buggies

We have a range of all terrain wheelchairs available, which can be used all over the camp site. These are especially useful for a much smoother ride to the beach and across the sand.


The Hippocampe is an all terrain wheelchair which allows the child to get in the sea without getting out of their chair - this wheelchair floats on water!

Mobile Hoist

Camp Jojo has a birdie compact mobile hoist to enable all children to access all of the activities. This is often taken to the bottom of field to hoist children onto hammocks or swings.


Camp Jojo is keen for all of our equipment to give postural support therefore we have P-Pods which provide moulded support for children when seated. 

Sensory Tent

Our very own sensory tent, equipped with lots of sensory toys and a music system. We also have different types of postural support i.e. wedges, physio mat, bean bag, etc. Our sensory tent is also equipped with a gantry hoist enabling all children to access the area. 

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