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Parent/Carer Responsibilities Form

Camp Jojo 2022

Parent/Carer Responsibilities Form 


This form is to clarify parental and camp/volunteer responsibilities in regards to your children, during the camp.

  1. Ivy Farm has lots of open space for the children to explore. There is a field of sheep, a hen coop with chickens, and eggs to be collected, and two donkeys. There are also three horses, but these do not belong to the farm, and should not be fed or approached at all. We ask that children must have an adult with them at all times when leaving the main camping field. Anyone feeding the animals must be accompanied by a member of the team. 


2. The farm has a pond, which has a fence with warning notices. There is also a fenced off storage area. We want the children to be as free as possible to enjoy this glorious space, but we do ask that you keep an eye on your child’s safety (as you would anywhere else) and take reasonable precautions.


3. As you know, we will have some family support volunteers at Camp Jojo who have previous experience with children with disabilities and complex medical needs. We will assign specific members of this team to each family. Although you remain responsible for your children throughout camp, these volunteers will discuss and negotiate with you certain activities and/or episodes of time where you would like them to assist and support you. For some this may be supporting you with toileting or feeding your child or for others, it may be doing a particular activity with your child such as feeding animals, bushcraft, sports activities, etc. We would love to give parents some rest and some time with your children with as much support as you require.


4. Medications must be stored safely at all times. We will provide locked containers as required.


5. Throughout Camp Jojo the administration of medication will be the responsibility of parents/carers unless explicitly agreed with a family support volunteer as detailed in the guidance of the Camp Jojo Medication Policy which can be found on our website. This guidance states that if parents/carers would like their named volunteer to give a medication they should first give a specific handover about that to the volunteer, and also fill in the drug chart.


6. Volunteers will not make clinical decisions about a child’s treatment and care.


7. Volunteers will not give PRN medications unless there is a clinical emergency.


8. We very much hope that no children (or adults!) will be taken ill while at camp. If that were to happen, there are hospitals in nearby Colchester or in other towns in Essex. Obviously where you chose to go would be your decision. We will always have a trained first aider on site.


9. All team members and volunteers will wear appropriate PPE as necessary. Everyone on site must follow national guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please read the COVID-19 policy on our website. 


10. Camp Jojo has a comprehensive health and safety policy accessible on our website. Although Camp Jojo has taken all reasonable steps to maintain safety throughout each camp, all activities are done at your own risk. 


11. Camp Jojo is unable to accept any responsibility for property brought to camp. Cars are parked at your own risk and valuables are the responsibility of families at all times.

Most of all, we wish you a very happy time camping with us!


At the end of the application form you will be asked to tick a box to agree that: 

I/we hereby state that I have read and understood the guidelines around parent/carer responsibility whilst attending Camp Jojo. I hereby confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in Camp Jojo activities. I confirm that I have been made aware of Camp Jojo’s Health and Safety, Safeguarding, and Medications policy and that I should inform Camp Jojo of any concerns or issues as they arise.


I/we agree to continue to maintain parental responsibility for all children under my/our care throughout Camp Jojo and will make clear our expectations when other responsible adults are supporting our children throughout the weekend. At all times, I/we will know who is supporting my child and where they are.

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