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Information for schools


At the heart of Camp Jojo we value building community, supporting families and making life-long memories during our accessible camps.

Camp Jojo aims to forge lasting relationships with schools. Some of the children and their families who access Camp Jojo come as part of a school community and it is this community we aim to nurture during the camps.

Special schools often provide for a wide range of abilities and backgrounds but all the children come with the shared experience of their school life.  We love to see old classmates and new friends mixing together with their parents, siblings and teachers. The experience of wild camping together creates new and energised relationships to carry home and continue with through school life and beyond.

In summer 2021 we will be running three weekend camps:

  • 30 July- 1 August 

  • August 6-8         

  • August 13-15    

If you think your school would like to be a part of Camp Jojo, please fill out the contact form below to start the conversation.

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