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Meet Our New Friends

Here at Ivy Farm, we are of course all so sad that Camp Jojo will not be happening in 2020. However, we do want to share some exciting news for next year…

At the beginning of March, we had two new arrivals at the farm. We have been spending time every day training them up, so that they can be part of the Camp Jojo experience!

This is Hugo, a smaller black donkey, who is very friendly and curious, likes being made a fuss of, and has only one fault…he’s a bit of a pig, when it comes to carrots, apples, gingernuts and especially the grass just out of reach of where we want to walk – which is of course always greener!

He is devoted to his companion, Walter.

Walter is a classic donkey -you could say stubborn, you could say he knows his own mind- but he is also getting to know the ropes. He is a little more timid than Hugo, but he is now very happy to be groomed; he certainly needs it as his favourite pastime is to roll in the mud and the dust. We can now lead him (as long as Hugo goes first) all around the farm.

Both the donkeys are already sociable and affectionate, and will, we are sure, really enjoy getting to know the Camp Jojo campers: especially if they happen to have any ginger biscuits to hand!

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