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Camp Jojo 2019

We enjoyed 3 wonderful camps in August. The sun shone on us, (mostly!) and everyone had a truly wonderful time. We enjoyed great food, so many different experiences, and met so many lovely people! New friendships flourished and everyone was so sad when Sunday afternoon arrived and it was time to leave; but so many said they want to come back next year!

Last day of Camp Jojo 2019!

Thanks to all the wonderful supporters who have helped us raise funds during the year, we had great equipment which made the camp site accessible for everyone – the new hoists on our specially designed tent gantries worked brilliantly, and there was great appreciation for the multi-matting which made pushing wheel chairs round the site a lot less exhausting. The newly equipped bathroom was a great success.

It is impossible to say what everyone enjoyed most, but there was certainly something for everyone; from feeding chickens and getting to know the very friendly sheep, to making hammocks (and trying them out of course) to lighting fires, throwing tomahawks, and going on a foraging walk (and even bravely tasting some of the plants we found!). We found we had several budding artists amongst us, who did lovely paintings, shell jewellery and candles. There were games a-plenty; apple bobbing, the quiet candle game and the very noisy card games, not to mention table tennis and football. Then there were the expeditions to the beach (and the weather was perfect for this at every camp!) There were marshmallows round the camp fire, and the amazing “Camp Jojo’s got Talent” – and it certainly had!


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